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Story time!

3 years ago, Sam and I were on holiday in the Lake District. We’d been out for the day for a hike, and got in the car to make our way back to the cottage we’d rented. If you live in the UK, you’ll know that country lanes are tricky things to navigate at the best of times, but in the summer when the grass is overgrown it can be ten times harder. We approached a tight corner in the road where we needed to slightly mount the grass to the left of the car, and that was when we heard a loud pop. Upon inspection we realised that the mountain of grass beside the road was covering a jagged stone, and our tyre had burst on impact. Luckily we had a spare tyre in the car, but we spent the next day getting our car fixed at a local garage… Moral of the story? Be careful driving on country lanes.

Today I’m teaming up with Point S Tyres to offer some tips for driving in the summer time, and avoiding an incident like we had a few years ago.

Hazards and How to Avoid Them

HAZARD: Exploding Tyres

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Summer is a dangerous time for driving because many of us travel long distances across the country for day trips and holidays. Many of us forget that tyre pressure can drop over time, increasing the risk of overheating… and exploding. If your tyre is too hot or slightly deflated- any contact with potholes, construction debris, or invisible slabs of stone can cause your tyre to burst.

SOLUTION: Make sure you check your tyre pressure before going on a long journey, and keep a spare tyre in your car at all times. If you haven’t already got a spare tyre in your car, then it’s the perfect time to invest in one. Live in the North West? Buy tyres in Cheshire and surrounding areas at Point S.

HAZARD: Roadworks

Summer seems to be the prime time for fixing potholes, leaks and motorway issues. This means that there will be plenty of diversions, pop-up traffic lights and debris to be wary of.

SOLUTION: Be aware of road signs and debris which could be left on the roads. Keep speed low when driving through construction zones because there will be people, machinery and more debris in these areas to avoid.

HAZARD: More Cars on the Road

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More people on the road means more traffic, and more traffic can cause some very stressed out drivers.

SOLUTION: Be safe and aware when driving, try to remain calm.

HAZARD: Fatigue

Long journeys in the car are common place in the summer time, and coupling that with increased heat can cause very drowsy drivers.

SOLUTION: Take regular breaks when driving- that’s what service stations are there for- utilise them. Make sure to stay hydrated, because heat stroke can be very dangerous on the roads.

HAZARD: Children and Animals

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Summer time of course means that children are off for their holidays, playing in the local area… and sometimes on the road. Animals are rife on the roads at this time of the year too- especially in rural areas where cows and sheep walk along country lanes like there’s no tomorrow.

SOLUTION: Stay alert, vigilant and don’t drive fast.

HAZARD: Overheating Engine

In the summer time, your engine is working overtime, and that coupled with hotter weather can lead to it overheating.

SOLUTION: Take regular breaks if you notice your engine temperature rising. Keep your windows open when possible or the AC on to cool your vehicle down.


Remember to stay safe in the car this Summer! Always be prepared, alert and vigilant.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

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