September Favourites 2017

So, I may or may have mentioned a THOUSAND times already, but Autumn is here, and it’s my favourite season. The leaves are falling off the trees, the weather is cooler and the scented candles are coming out in full force. I feel totally ready to be overcome with Halloween, bonfire night and, dare i say it, Christmas!

This month I’ve tried out some new products, but also stuck with some old favourites. Let’s get straight into it shall we?

Next Eau Premiere Neroli and Rose Quartz


The scent, the bottle, the EVERYTHING… it’s a big yes from me. You guys know I’m useless at describing scents, but I will say that I only like fresh scents, and this is one of them.

Avon 3D Plump Lip Gloss (Similar)

I’m all about glossy lips. And although I really love matte lipstick, I just can’t resist that dewy, kissable feel. This lip gloss is quite old, but I have linked a similar one above. I love this gloss because it tastes like mint, it’s not too sticky and it also makes your lips look bigger. Winner Winner.


KOH-I-NOOR Pencils

These pencils were on our list of equipment in GCSE art, back when I was 15 (ahem, 8 years ago) and I have never used another set since. And I draw a lot. These are so affordable and give that professional look. They range from a 2H-8B, which is a really good range of softnesses. If you are in need of pencils for sketching, these are the ones.

Freedom 32 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

If this isn’t great value for money, I really couldn’t say what is. You get 32 shades in this palette for only £4… that equates to 12.5p per shade. That’s INSANE!

At such a low price you would expect a low colour pay off, but honestly, the pigment in these shade is astonishing, especially the black. This palette has shades to suit most skin tones and I honestly think it’s a makeup essential.

Original Source Raspberry and Vanilla Shower Gel

OH MY GOD. This is literally the best thing I’ve ever smelt in my entire life. I would cover myself in it if I could. It’s just perfection.

St Ives Nourish and Smooth Oatmeal Scrub and Mask

My love story with St Ives goes waaaay back. Back to when I was a slightly spotty teenager with oily skin and terrible self-esteem. I spent months hunting down and trying every single scrub I could find until I saw the apricot scrub. I’ve never used another scrub since, and it’s been about 10 years at this point. When I saw this, I was curious. I knew that St Ives wouldn’t let me down, and I really enjoy this scrub. It doesn’t have as many particles in as the apricot scrub, but it works great as a mask. It’s gentle and I think it’d be a great option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle

Four Words: AUTUMN IN A JAR.

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