Why I Love Autumn

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For me, autumn is the best season of the year by far. Not too hot, not too cold; it allows me to wear flowing dresses with jackets over the top without feeling uncomfortable.

Maybe because I’m a redhead I’m a little biased- but this season gives the most beautiful colours, and also some great photo opportunities.


Red is my favourite colour, it always has been. Even as a baby everything I owned had to be red, and I wouldn’t accept any other colour for my possessions. Playing Cluedo? I was always Miss Scarlet. Red is the best.


I think because I’m such a homebody, the best thing about the colder months is that you can fill the house with candles, blankets and wrap up in the evenings with a warming hot chocolate.




Another thing I love about this season is tartan. it’s no secret I love tartan (especially if you saw The Tartan Edit yesterday). It instantly makes me feel warm, wintery and cosy. My aim this year is to buy a tartan throw and some cushions for the lounge.


In short, autumn is the best season in the entire world, and it has so much to offer! Remember to join me again tomorrow for another autumn related blog post!

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