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Today is #Blogtober DAY 10! We’re nearly a third of the way through already, it’s crazy! I did originally have a different post planned for today, but i realised this morning that it is World Mental Health Day, so I’ve changed things up a little.

You guys will know that mental health is something very close to my heart, as I have suffered from anxiety since the age of 14. Anxiety is something which I don’t think can ever be cured completely, but it is something we learn to live with and manage throughout the years. For a sufferer, something as simple as saying hello can make their day, or an entire week depending on their headspace at the time.

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That’s why in honour of  #WorldMentalHealthDay, I want to share a few things you can do this week to the people around you to make them feel happy and loved. It could be as simple as saying hi as you walk down the street or baking a cake for their birthday. Small gestures can have huge impacts on people.


Say Hello

For someone who has anxiety, small talk is a minefield. If you notice someone who is alone or shy, say hello. You might not have a full conversation, but you’ve shown someone that you noticed them.


Compliment Their Clothes Or Hair

If you like the way someone has dressed or the colour of their hair, tell them. It will make them smile and feel appreciated.


Cheer Someone Up Who Needs It


I saw someone on Twitter the other day who was a little stressed and anxious, so I simply sent them a positive quote. It’s a small gesture on your part but it can make the world of difference to someone who is having a hard time coping.


Be Kind

Lastly, wherever you go and whoever you meet: meet them with an open heart. Someone might seem distant to begin with but they may have things going on in their lives. Give everyone a fair chance and stay positive


I love you guys, have a great week!



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