Halloween Movies For Wimps (Like Me)

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Blogtober is almost half gone already, and Halloween is fat approaching. I love this time of year; with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas all in quick succession. It’s like the ultimate season for a blogger, and I have loads of great content to share with your guys over the next couple of months. For today though, let’s talk Halloween movies. If you like horror movies, picking movies for your spooktacular marathon is easy: there’s classics like Psycho, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. But if you are like me, then you are too scared to watch any of those movies.


I’m a wimp. I’m not proud, but that’s the way it is. I watched Paranormal Activity once when I was around 16 and I had nightmares for weeks. Horrors just aren’t my thing at all. I always watch some funny or animated movies on the night of Halloween on my Panasonic UHD 4K TV with plenty of popcorn on my lap.



Luckily, thanks to men like Tim Burton, there are still plenty of Halloween movies that people like me can enjoy without fearing for our lives. In case you are like me, I thought I’d share some of my favourite non-Horror Halloween Movies for this year!


Nightmare Before Christmas
 the nightmare before christmas is it halloween yet queue- oh my god queue or christmas GIF



My ultimate favourite Halloween Movie of all time. 

I know there is a little debate on whether you should watch this before Halloween or Christmas, but for me the choice is clear.


Hocus Pocus

Please don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen this movie. All I know is that the hype around this film and the small clips I’ve seen means it’s 100% on my bucket list for this year.



Not a Halloween movie as such, but it does have plenty of magic and witchcraft. I love this movie, almost as much as I love the soundtrack. A star falls from the sky, and all hell breaks loose as everyone wants to kill her. Fun movie!


The Brothers Grimm


I love knowing the true stories behind the fairytales we know and love today, and this film takes you through as if the scary fairytales were real. It’s creepy, a little bit scary at times, but a great watch. And it’s Heath Ledger, so that’s enough reason to watch it for me 😉


I’d love to know what movies you like to watch at this time of year, let me know in the comments!

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