Making A Mini Christmas Wreath

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Good morning!


Can you believe we are almost a week in already?! It’s crazy. Now that I’m in my house for Christmas, I thought I would show you a few of the decorations I have made for the house. The first of these is this cute mini wreath.

It was super easy to make and only took about 10 minutes. But if you wanted to add some more things in there it would take you a bit longer.

What You’ll Need:

I know I have glue in this photo but I didn’t need it in the end



1.Wrap your mini garland around the wreath. This is your base and you can add more things afterwards to build up the character of the wreath. IMG_1774IMG_1775

2. Wrap these cute little winter berries around the wreath. I bought everything from Amazon so if you want to make this wreath I have linked everything above. These are so cute and I actually used these berries for another DIY too. IMG_1776IMG_1777IMG_1778


3. For me, once I had added the berries I was happy with how it looked. But you can add things like bells, cinnamon sticks, beads and even pinecones. Go as simple or as crazy as you like! once you are done tie some string over the top so that you can hang it and voila!IMG_1779IMG_1787IMG_1788

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