We got a cat! (Sort of)

Today I want to introduce you to a new friend in the family… William!

He is 3 years old, the sweetest boy in the world and we have fostered him with the RSPCA until he finds his forever home ( although I’m tempted to adopt him myself).

Sam and I have always wanted animals, and it seemed logical for us to get a cat before we committed to a dog which requires a lot more care and attention. However, this thought has been circling in our minds for months and months, and the final decision came when we went on holiday with our friends last week. My best friend from high school and her boyfriend have just started fostering cats rather than adopting one, and they told us about the process. The RSPCA looks for people who can provide a room for cats while they are waiting to be rehomed, they provide the food, litter toys and everything a fosterer needs in return for the care we give. Sam and I were sold…

We applied last Thursday, I had a Home visit on Monday and now we have this fluffy lump in our home. He’s adorable.

If you guys think it would be interesting I will share my experiences on fostering for the first time, to give you guys an idea on what it will be like. I’ll check in through the next week and update you on how he is doing!

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