Hulk-A-Hulk-A Burning Fudge Ice Cream

It’s pretty safe to say that most of you will have seen Marvel’s Infinity War earlier this year. I’m a huge marvel and MCU fan so when this film came out I was one of the first people in the cinema to see it!

One scene in particular stuck in my mind, and it wasn’t the ones you might have thought of. As much as Drax’s line ‘Why is Gamora?‘ Made my laugh my head off in the cinema, the scene I’m talking about involves ice cream.

From the moment Tony Stark talks about Ben And Jerry’s ice cream flavours I just couldn’t help but wonder if I could create my own versions. To start with, I chose the Hulk’s ice cream flavour

Hulk-A-Hulk-A Burning Fudge.

My idea was simple: ice cream flavoured with homemade caramel sauce, and filled with homemade fudge pieces… simple right?

So here it goes, some Avengers inspired ice cream for you all!


For the ice cream:

  • 500ml custard
  • 300ml double cream
  • Green food colouring
  • For the toffee sauce:
    • 300ml double cream
      100g dark muscavado sugar
      85g butter

    For the fudge:

    • 300ml milk
    • 350ml caster sugar
    • 100g butter
    • Vanilla extract
  • For the toffee sauce- place everything into a pan, stir until dissolved and then simmer for 20 minutes until thick, creamy and a toffee like taste.
  • For the fudge- heat the milk, butter and sugar until dissolved. Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Take off the heat for 1 minute, then back on, stirring all the while until the temperature is 115C. Take off the heat, add vanilla extract and then leave to cool for 5 minutes. Pour into a greased tin and leave to cool, then cut into cubes.
  • For the ice cream- mix custard and double cream and green food colouring in a jug or bowl and pour into an ice cream maker. If you don’t have an ice cream maker you can place in the freezer and keep stirring each hour until fairly solid. Add in the toffee and fudge, freeze for at least 4 hours and enjoy!
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