Palm Leaf Nails

If you are feeling a little bored this week stuck at home, why not try this simple nail design?

I hope quarantine is treating you well. Today I felt that I needed a change from the lovely sunset manicure and pedicure I gave myself a few weeks ago…

This time my inspiration was from a gorgeous dress I have in my wardrobe from last year that is covered in palm leaves.

This dress was from ASOS and it’s the comfiest little summer dress in the whole damn world. Anyway, I saw the summery pattern on this dress and it gave me an idea for my nails this week, so here is a quick tutorial for how you can get these pretty palm leaf nails yourself at home!

Colours you’ll need:

Barry M Dragonfruit

Barry M Evergreen

Seren London Do It

Barry M Green Berry

Barry M Berry Sorbet

If you don’t have any of these exact polishes, just pick some similar ones in your own collection!

To create this look there are 5 steps:

1. Paint 1-2 thin coats of Pink onto the nails.

2. Using the darkest of your greens, paint a ‘feather’ shape on each nail, starting with a line from one corner of the nail to the other, followed by diagonal lines coming from each side. To make the nails more interesting, change the starting corner on each nail so that the leafs feel more ‘natural’

3. Use the next lightest green and paint on top of the lines you have already drawn, adding extra depth to the leaf. You should have filled in some of the gaps between the dark lines as well as created a leaf shape with the design. This is where you can start to really have some fun. The technique I used for this was to start in the corner at the bottom, and draw outwards to create random lines.

4. Using the next lightest green, draw thin lines originating from the bottom corner, heading outwards. Think about creating highlights for the leaf.

5. And use the lightest colour and do the same as the previous step!

6. Finish with a clear top coat and enjoy your summer inspired nails!

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