Grow Healthier, Happier Hair With These Simple Tips!

My hair is my pride and joy. I think if there is one part of myself that most people identify me with it’s my red hair. And over the years I have picked up loads of different home remedies, hair care tips, and hair growth hacks to ensure that my locks stay happy and healthy.

Today I want to share the hair care tips I’ve found most useful over the years with you guys and help you to grow and maintain shiny, happy hair!

Lukewarm all the way

One of the main things people say when striving for healthy hair is that we should avoid heat as much as possible. This means finding ways to style our hair without using straighteners or curlers, but it can also mean washing our hair in water that isn’t too hot. Before you wash hair under cold water though, it is important to understand that hair follicles need to open in order for dirt to wash out. This means you will need to have water that is slightly warm to open the pores of your hair in order to get rid of grime and dirt. Lukewarm water is the best option for washing, and once you are done, a cold rinse can help improve your hair’s shine.

Oil it up

Hair oil is something every woman should have in her bathroom. Your hair needs essential oils, and a lot of the time if you wash your hair multiple times a week you are depriving the hair of the oils it needs to stay healthy and strong. Buy a hair oil such as this:

Or make your own at home with argan oil, olive oil, caster oil and coconut oil. There are many oils that will benefit your hair so you can play around with combinations and find one that you love. Apply to the ends when towel damp and also think about applying to the roots an hour before washing your hair to act as a nourishing mask.

Use apple cider vinegar

Many shampoos we use on our hair will leave a small deposit of product on the scalp, and for the health of our hair and scalp this is not a good thing. To ensure that the head is squeaky clean after you wash your hair, dilute some apple cider vinegar in cold water and rinse your head with it after you shampoo and condition.

Ditch the towel

Although most of us spent years perfecting that ‘hair towel twirl’ look, towels aren’t actually good for the hair at all. Towels are made up of loose fibres and when in contact with wet, fragile hair it can cause breakages as hair strands get caught. The best thing you can do for your hair is ditch the towel and use a t shirt to dry your hair instead! It’s much more gentle and you’ll soon notice a difference.

Hold, don’t scrunch

Another common mistake people make when drying the hair is to scrunch the hair and rub it dry. The only thing you will achieve here is damaging fragile hair and creating split ends. Instead, gather the hair in a t shirt and hold the hair in place for a while, squeezing the moisture out. Not only is this a more effective way to dry the hair but it is gentle.

Condition before shampoo

Most of us are used to using shampoo and then conditioner when in the shower, but actually, sometimes it is better the other way around. Using conditioner first and leaving in the hair for a few minutes while you wash your face or body allows the hair to become beautiful and soft, and then finding with shampoo will keep your hair clean and healthy.

Night time protective styles

There are a few different styles you can try at night to keep your hair protected and stop it from breaking:

Putting hair into a loose braid or a bun with a scrunchy is the best way to keep hair protected overnight.

Heartless styles

For this one I would like to direct you to a couple of heatless curl methods I have previously shared on my blog:

Voluminous Heatless Curls

Heatless Curls 3 Ways

I hope you enjoyed this article, and take these tips away with you to get the healthiest hair possible this year!

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