Mint and Rose Nails

Hello everyone and happy new year!

What a year 2020 was…

Sadly we have been placed in a third national lockdown here in the UK, but we do what we’ve got to do to stay safe!

Today I wanted to repaint my nails for the first time this year and I thought it would be nice to share this with you all; so here is my simple mint and rose nail design using all Barry M nail polish.

What I used:

  • Barry M Pistachio
  • Barry M Evergreen
  • Barry M Cotton
  • Barry M Blood Orange
  • Barry M Dragonfruit
  • Barry M Clear Top Coat

Of course you can colour match this with other brands, I just personally love Barry M nail polishes so I always use them!

So… onto the design!

1. Start off by painting your nails with 2 coats of pistachio, with 2 coats of cotton on the ring fingers.

2. Using Evergreen, paint some thin lines which will create the stems for our flowers. To do this I used an old thin paintbrush and then rinsed it with nail polish remover.

3. Using Pistachio once more, add a line alongside the darker green to bring some depth to your stem as well as add a small leaf on the end. This is delicate and can be hard with your wrong hand but be patient and it will come.

4. Use Blood Orange as well as Dragonfruit and draw a few small petals on the end of the stem. Let dry completely.

5. Add 2 more petals to each flower and reshape if needed to finish off the look. Allow to set and cover with a top coat.

This is such a simple and fresh nail design perfect for a new year full of opportunities!

I also have some fun news… I’m writing a book! My novel ‘Echoes of Lily’ has been in the works for 5 years and I’m on the final stretch. I would appreciate your support and you can follow my progress as well as get updates on the characters and writing tips on my Facebook page:

I hope your 2021 is filled with love and laughter, even in these tough circumstances and I hope so speak again soon!

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