Conquer Writer’s Block

Need help getting your head back in the game? Allow me to help…

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A Letter to my Boyfriend- My Comfort Blanket

Living with anxiety can be a daily battle between your heart and mind. Your heart is telling you to see your friends, go for that picnic or attend that party- but the mind disagrees. It’s that shadow which lingers over your shoulder constantly, making you faulter, doubt yourself and back out of things.  Today I […]

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12 Days of Blogmas- Day Five

Hello, Hello, Hello! It’s Day Five of my #12DaysofBlogmas, so you know what that means… ‘Five Golden Riiiiiings!’ Although that’s not quite what I will be doing today, I still love that part of the song πŸ˜‰ No, today I will be sharing with you a similarly named: Five Golden Thiiiiiiiiiiiiings! That’s it. Five Golden […]

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