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June is my favourite month of the year, it’s my birthday month- and the weather is usually pretty good! This year however, we weren’t so lucky here in the UK. Where are you summer?

Anyway, this month I’ve got a range of products- including a couple of sun creams- of course! If you want to know more about all of these beauties, read on!




Too Faced Melted Long Wear Liquid Lipstick- Nude (here)


This smells like drumstick lollies! It took me a few days of ‘I’m sure i recognise this smell’ to figure it out, but it really does smell like a drumstick lollipop.

I have always been against wearing brown/ orange lipsticks, because I always felt like they would just wash my skin out and make me look pasty. But I bought this thinking it was a plain nude, and a soon as a put it on i was just like ‘Whoa’. I love the colour. I think if anything it compliments my red hair and freckles.

A lot of matte lipsticks really dry the lips out, but all I do before applying this is slap on a little vaseline and i’m good to go! It doesn’t leave my lips flaky at all, and it isn’t cakey, so it’s almost like you’re not wearing a lipstick at all. I recommend this to anybody who wants an all-round good liquid lipstick.
Malibu SPF 50 (here)


This stuff is the best Sun Cream I have ever used, honestly. Because I’m a redhead, and my skin is pale- I need strong stuff to keep my protected from the sun. I have had so many different types over the years, and I have settled on this now. A lot of the time, high SPF creams are just so thick and white that they just don’t sink into the skin- staying sticky and greasy for hours. I hate the feel of grease on my skin, so this is not a good thing for me.

This is a spray, and it’s invisible. It’s not thick, gloopy or sticky- it just soaks straight into the skin and lasts for about 4 hours. If I am in the sun all day I would only have to spray this over me twice. Which I think is pretty good! If you burn easily like me, I highly recommend trying this sun cream!

Malibu Scalp Protector SPF 15 (here)


I only heard about this a few weeks ago. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as scalp spray, but I am so grateful because my head burns so easily, and it hurts.Just as the Sun spray, it’s clear and not a thick consistency, and surprisingly it doesn’t make your hair greasy. Again, for all of my pale friends out there- this is worth the money!

Wild and Alluring Palette (here)


If you’ve already read my review for this palette, you’ll know that I am smitten. If not, have a little look: Wild and Alluring Palette Review 

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit (here)


I’m not big on contouring, purely because I just don’t think it looks right when you have a lot of freckles. I feel like covering your freckles completely is just a crying shame! I love my freckles- so I try to go fairly light on my skin routine.

This is the first contour kit i have ever had, and I really like it. It’s not too pigmented so it doesn’t leave your skin looking too muddy, and the highlight colour in my opinion is a great base colour for the eyelids. When i want a natural eye look- I usually use this colour all over the lid and the medium and dark brown in the crease. Anyway… for the cheeks I can’t use the darkest brown because my skin is too light, but i love the medium one. It’s a lovely matte, neutral brown with just a hint of warmness to it, which works well on my skin.


Yankee Candle Tangerine and Vanilla (here)


Oh my goodness, I love this smell!

I am a huge fan of candles, I even make my own in autumn and winter. But nothing beats a good Yankee Candle, and this one takes the biscuit. Fruity and sweet, this is fast becoming my favourite candle scent of all time. If you love fruity smells, but aren’t a massive fan of sickly sweet, this is a great option. The best way I can describe it is a mixture between orange juice and refreshers… okay, maybe I’m not the best at describing smells… but trust me! It’s sooo good!

Spectrum Marbelous White Makeup Brush Bag (here)


White Marble  + Rose Gold = PERFECTION

Honestly, this bag is EVERYTHING! The quality is amazing and the feel of it is just beautiful. It’s a spacious bag and I have no problem fitting all of my brushes in here. If you’re looking for a classy, pretty makeup brush bag- look no further!

That’s it for June! Which is your favourite of these products? Are there any you haven’t tried? Let me know down below 🙂


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  1. I could do with that contour kit – need to shape and lift my face. Gorgeous colours i ntht eyeshadow palette. I’m not bold enough to wear any bright colours in my makeup, unfortunately. Can’t say no to lipglosses!

  2. I’ve also generally avoided orange lip color in the past. Recently, I’ve been wearing a peachy/orangy lipstick and getting compliments on it.

  3. I love the products that you chose! I’ve never seen those hair care products before and it’s perfect for protecting your hair from the harsh sun this summer! That palette is something my girls will love too!

  4. Wild and Alluring Palette looks amazing with those stunning shades. And I would also love to have one of those Yankee Candles

  5. All product are fabulous! The nude lipstick is definetely my favourite, mostly because I really like the shade. The Wild and Alluring Palette is gorgeous.

  6. I haven’t tried anything on your post except for the

    Too Faced Melted Long Wear Liquid Lipstick- Nude

    I had received this in a subscription box tho I am not sure which one. But thanks a ton for sharing.

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