How to Braid a Scarf

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I don’t know about you, but this weather is seriously confusing me at the moment. We are in that awkward middle ground between Summer and Autumn, tiptoeing on the edge of thick jumpers and fluffy scarves, but we keep falling back onto Summer. I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I want Autumn to come. It’s my favourite season of the year, and let’s face it if you live in the UK like me, we haven’t had much of a summer to speak of thus far. It’s like Summer is that cool kid that always arrives fashionably late to a party, except they have mistook the meaning of fashionably completely. So here I am digging my comfies out of the wardrobe, when Summer hits me with a heatwave out of nowhere. Will the weather make it’s mind up?

Anyway, I have gone off task here, so, scarves…

I have an obsession with scarves, they are the only accessory that I truly get excited over, and now that the weather is beginning to cool, it’s time to bring out my stash (and maybe add some new ones to my collection). For me, Autumn is all about dark, jewel coloured clothes, paired with a bright and striking scarf. It’s a statement piece, almost like wearing a chunky necklace. A scarf can make or break a whole outfit, so why not go to town eh?

Although I love wearing scarves, it can get a little boring wearing them in the same way every single day. That’s why this year I took the liberty of scouring Pinterest for new and exciting ideas to take my scarf wearing game up to pro level- and I have succeeded.

Behold, my Braided Scarf Tutorial.


This is so easy to do and adds a beautiful feature to any plain outfit. So, let’s get started.

  1. Choose your scarf. You will need to pick a fairly long scarf for this, I tried it with a smaller one just before I did this one and it doesn’t work the same.


2. Place your scarf over your neck and tie a loop knot into it, making sure you still have room to get your head in and out of it.


3. Now for the braiding. As with any normal braid, you need to begin with 3 sections. As you can see below, we will be using the 2 loose ends, and one half of the loop to form our braid.


4. Time to braid! Position your sections between your fingers to hold them in place and begin to braid. To start with, you’ll want to use the loop as the middle, and braid the other 2 over it. Carry on braiding until you are satisfied. You could braid until there is no material left, or simply tie a knot and have a loose piece like I have done.


This is such a simple style, and very suited to this time of the year. Braids are always a winner in the colder months, so why not try and add an extra braid to your routine this year!


If you try this tutorial, I would love to know! Tag me on Twitter (Imiiix) or Instagram (@gingernut2115) so I can see your handy work! 

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